DuoMax 250ml


DuoMax is the liquid you use along with Gelacy. It is designed to ensure optimal results for Gelacy build nails. It prevents Gelacy from sticking to your brush without disrupting the composition of the Gelacy attributes. With its amazing Eucalyptus smell, the DuoMax will not dwelm your nail studio with chemical damps, but instead it will spread an easy going scent which will contribute to the experience of a hygienic and a professional environment.

How to use:
Place a small amount of DuoMax in a dapping dish or a small bowl. Dip your gel brush into the liquid before touching your Gelacy and drain the brush on the side or on a lint free wipe.

Volume: 250 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are strictly sold to professionals and can only be purchased directly at our distributors.


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