Founding Base


The Fouding Base is our base coat. It can be used with all By Djess products, whether it’s the gel polish, Gelacy or Gummy Base. Yes, even the Gummy Base which is a base coat on it’s own. Some more pigmented colors last even better if you apply the Founding Base first. You might consider the Founding Base as an extra double sided sticky tape layer which connects all products together. You only need a very thin layer, so the bottle goes a long way if you use it correctly.

As all By Djess products, the Founding Base is HEMA free.

How to use:
Use the PrepMax first, apply Founding Base and cure for 30 sec. in a minimum 48W UV/LED light.

Volume: 15 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are strictly sold to professionals and can only be purchased directly at our distributors.


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