Gelacy Soft Pink 60ml


Gelacy is our revolutionary acrygel, so easy to use because of the perfect consistency. It is developed to build extensions on either forms or tips, or to create the perfect overlay on the natural nails. Gelacy is strong like acrylic but has the flexibility of gel. Gelacy is used together with DuoMax, which is our liquid designed to work the Gelacy.

All our Gelacy is HEMA free.

The color soft pink can be best described as a very light gentle pink. It’s almost close to white.

How to use:
Use only together with DuoMax.
Cure the Gelacy for a minimum of 30 sec. in at least a 48W UV/LED light. For more pigmented colors we suggest curing for 60 sec.
You can finish the Gelacy off with our gel polishes or one of our tops like the Glossy Top or the Gummy Top (in case you have some imperfections). Are you looking for a fun finish, try one of our tops like the Frosty Top or the Glitter Top.

All top coats are no wipe!

Volume: 60 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are strictly sold to professionals and can only be purchased directly at our distributors.

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