No Wipe Gummy Top


Our No Wipe Gummy Top is a topcoat with a thicker viscosity than our Glossy Top . It ensures an extreme glossy finish for all colors that can last up to 5 weeks. Like the name suggests, it is a no wipe top coat which means after curing there is no need to wipe with a cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

The Gummy Top is designed to even out the service of the nail in case you see some imperfections. You can apply the Gummy Top like you would apply a Gummy Base and get rid of those tiny imperfections to make your nail flawless.
Apply, cure and shine!

As all By Djess products, the No Wipe Gummy Top is HEMA free.

How to use:
Cure the Gummy Top for at least 30 sec. in a minimum 48W UV/LED light.

Volume: 15 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are strictly sold to professionals and can only be purchased directly at our distributors.


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