Our gel polish is meant to provide full coverage with only one single layer. To be sure you covered it all you could use two layers, but this is not necessary. The polish has a thicker viscosity and the brush is rounded to ensure you can get as close to the cuticle as possible. Because of the consistency the polish is not likely to run into the cuticle when applied correctly!
As all other products, the gel polish is HEMA free.

The color Orchid can be best described as bright pink with a shimmer/glitter.

How to use:

Cure the gel polish for 30 sec. in a minimum 48W UV/LED light. You can finish the gel polish off with one of our tops like the No Wipe Glossy Top, Bling Top, Frosty Top, Glitter Top or the No Wipe Matte Top.

Volume: 15 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are advised to be used by professionals.


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