PrepMax is your one-step-prep. It is the only product you need to use before applying Founding Base. Designed to dehydrate, but also to degrease the natural nail plate which allows you to place your product after this prep without the need to buff the surface. This prep ensures optimal results if used correctly and is qualified as a pethogen remover.

Say goodbye to lifting, buffing and using 6 different prep products.

How to use:
Spay on a lint free wipe and rub the surface of the natural nail. Avoid touching the surrounding skin as uch as possible. Let the product evaporate and you’re good to go for your Founding Base or Gummy Base application. If you are treating a nail biter or someone who has troubled nails, we recommend to repeat this process once more.

Volume: 100 ml

Please keep in mind all our products are strictly sold to professionals and can only be purchased directly at our distributors.


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